Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter

One unique element associated with drinking Vietnamese coffee is the use of the phin to filter and drip coffee into a cup. A phin is a special filter consisting of a spanner(1),filter chamber(2) press(3) and lid(4). Grounded coffee is put into the heated chamber and the press is used to secure the chamber. The spanner and the chamber are put over a cup and water is poured into the chamber to moist the coffee. Hot water is then poured into the chamber. The chamber is then covered with the lid.


(From: Fotokif)

Appreciating coffee this way is interesting as you can visually savor the luscious drops of coffee dripping into the cup, much like how food is prepared in an open concept kitchen! A good dripping speed is about 1 per second and it should take around 6 minutes for your coffee to be ready.


(From: Travel Dave)

The phin makes up an important part of Vietnamese coffee culture. While many treat drinking coffee as a quick “wake me up”, the local Vietnamese enjoy coffee as a time off to think about life. Fans of Vietnamese coffee have commented that dripping coffee using a phin looks calm and meditating! No wonder Vietnamese artists and intellectuals throughout time have enjoyed slowly dripping their coffee through a phin as it relaxes the mind and allows the clear flow of thoughts.


Vietnamese coffee is not just a drink. It is a way of life, it is an experience, it is an art… 


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