The art of coffee appreciation

Boiling water is poured into a cup of coffee powder. Earthly fragrance begins to permeate your nostrils. As you bring your cup of warm coffee to your lips and gently take a sip, you can taste its richness and thickness. As you place your cup down, you can feel the lively acidity dancing on the roof of your tongue.



What does coffee mean to you? To many people, coffee is merely a wake-me-up beverage, or an energizer which keeps them awake during boring meetings or routines. Have you taken the time to truly appreciate coffee, its fragrance, texture and taste? Or do you just gulp your coffee down once you deem it is unable to induce a heat wave down your gut?


The art of coffee appreciation goes back in time. In early modern England, people appreciated coffee through their curiosity as they seek to unravel the value of this “black, opulent bean”. Englanders hailed the exotic qualities of coffee, asserting its many medicinal values such as resisting against small pox and pimples. Coffee appreciation sessions soon became socially valuable as people networked, debated and disseminated information. Coffee appreciation had opened the world to new knowledge and cultures!


Appreciating coffee in 1800s England


Over the years, coffee appreciation has certainly established itself as a trend! Different from past eras, nowadays, participants appreciate coffee by focusing more on understanding the identity and essence of the coffee itself. Coffee appreciation sessions become sensual as participants are mindful in savoring the fragrance, texture and flavors of the coffee. Participants begin to describe coffee, using words like “floral, fruity notes” to define the coffee in their own terms. Participants ask questions like “ where is this coffee bean grown? How is this coffee bean harvested?” Similar to the bygone era, participants learn new knowledge about brewing methods, preparation techniques and characteristics of various coffee, among other things about coffee. As participants ask questions about coffee, they are essentially questioning themselves too!


Coffee Beans: Pure and Fresh!


At La Saigon, we take our coffee seriously. We do not just want you to drink our coffee. We want to provide you with an experience; to enjoy and appreciate our coffee at your own pace!  When you discover more about coffee, you discover more about yourselves too!  Come join us as we embark on a journey towards learning and realization!

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