Mid Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu)

“The Mid-Autumn Festival has deep cultural significance. It not only helps to shape a child’s view of the world but also fosters affectionate feelings between couples and families”.

“The beat of drums during the lion dance and the procession of lanterns always make a strong impression on me”

Like Singapore, Vietnam celebrates the Mid Autumn Festival(full moon day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar) with much pomp and circumstance. It is a time of gathering between family and friends, an opportunity to express love and gratitude for each other!


1) Traditions:

 The Mid Autumn Festival is named Family Union Holiday. Due to the harvesting season, parents did not have much time to spend with their children. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival gave parents a chance to indulge their children! Vietnamese children are happiest on this day as they can enjoy many fun activities as well as receive presents!

The festival also celebrates fertility. People prayed for a good harvest, birth of livestock and babies!


2) Lanterns

 Singaporeans love carrying lanterns in parks during the Mid Autumn Festival. In Vietnam, carp lanterns holds a special significance among the people. Legend tells of an evil carp who would gobble up villagers(Just like how you will gobble up La Saigon’s chicken wings!) on this day.  A man then advised villagers to hold carp shaped lanterns made up of paper and bamboo, with a stick in its belly, to drive away the evil spirit.


(Carp Lantern)


3) Food

Fruits, moon cakes and rice cakes are common food enjoyed by the Vietnamese during the Mid Autumn Festival. The Vietnamese has a special version of moon cake called Banh Deo. Banh Deo is made by mixing glutinous rice flour with sugar and grapefruit juice. Its filling consists of lotus paste or green peas. These Mid Autumn treats are shaped into cute animals which attracts the children’s attention!



(Pomelos shaped as dogs)                       (Banh Deo)


On this festive season, why not complement your mooncakes with our teas? The floral notes of our specialty teas cuts through the richness of mooncakes and helps ease your stomach after a day of feasting!


La Saigon wishes everyone a happy Mid Autumn Festival!



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